Sunday, 20 July 2014

Fascinating Figurines..........Tricia Street (U.K.)

The figurines of Tricia Street are truly wonderful to see for any collector of fine miniatures.  Each figurine is hand-modelled, biscuit fired, glaze fired, painted, fired again and decorated with gold leaf for a total of four firings.  The reproductions that Tricia has made over the years are based on the porcelain figurines and pieces of well known companies such as Chelsea, Derby, Meissen, Coalport and Sevres to name a few.
Tricia no longer exhibits at the larger fairs in the UK.  I have seen her work available occasionally on the secondary market. If you have the chance to purchase one - do have a very close look to assure yourself that it is in fine condition as they are so delicate with the tiniest details and highly breakable!
Vegetable Sellers
Harlequin and Columbine


Fisher Man

Greeting Harlequin


Lady with Cat

Flower Girl

Flower Seller

Touch from the Five Senses


Smell from the Five Senses

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Petit Panier................Francine Coyon (France)

Francine Coyon is an IGMA artisan that makes wonderful miniature baskets.   Her range is lovely with highly detailed and coloured woven items.  Her work has a definite European flare - the chicken carrier is one of my favourites!  Chairs with woven seats, fishing creels and her huge array of varied baskets will enhance a collection or miniature scene.
Francine exhibits at the SIMP miniature show in June in Paris, France.  She does not seem to have an online presence.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Modern Miniatures........Delph Miniatures (UK)

For those building modern miniature houses,  Delph Miniatures is a must to put on your miniature shopping list.  Their inspirations come from everyday items!  Even for those building period houses, the range found at Delph is worth having a peek. If you are looking for something different - Delph may have it! The range of miniatures includes modern appliances from mini food processors, espresso machines to mini food and much, much more!
Delph exhibit at fairs in the UK and have an extensive website.
Desk Accessories Holder
Bodum Coffee Pot

Food Processor with glass bowl

Flats of eggs

Tool box

Memo cube

Appointment diary

Copy paper

Television with remote

CD Tower

Flash light