Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Luxurious Leather......Gail Steffey (USA)

What is a library or a den without a comfy leather chair to curl up in with a good book?
Gail Steffey has made some of the finest leather furniture in miniature.  The leather that she uses is very fine and soft.  Gail's range of leather pieces were all numbered so that anyone wanting a matching stool or bench could request another item in the same leather. While she has carved some of the legs, she eventually called on John Hodgson to carve some for her and then cast them in resin.  A few of the examples shown in these pictures were made with the resin chair legs.  The tiny brass nails add a lovely finishing touch!
Gail is in the process of retiring.  Her work can be found through dealers and at the occasional miniature show.  Gail did not have a website.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Small Scale...........Frances Armstrong (Canada)

I have just returned from the Philadelphia Miniaturia show where there were a large number of people shopping for the smallest scale miniatures.  It seems that many people have decided that they do not have room for more miniatures in one-twelfth scale so they have switched to smaller scales.
When Frances Armstrong was making miniatures, she excelled at creating the most exquisite miniatures in this smaller scale.  She managed to get a great deal of detail in her miniatures.  She created whimsical scenes.  Frances along with her club members ran one of the local fairs in Ontario which is still running today.  Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.  People that collected her miniatures, certainly found some treasures!
Photographed with a penny to show the size

Monday, 27 October 2014

Country Casual............Rob Lucas (UK)

Anyone that is keen to finish furniture to suit their own d├ęcor might like to have a look at Rob Lucas' range of whitewood furniture. Rob's designs are based on Victorian country style designs.  The  furniture can be left natural or painted to suit your miniature setting.  The range is extensive including dressers, sinks, cupboards, settles, tables, chairs, benches, beds, etc.
Rob has a website where you can find his whitewood furniture and it also provides information on what products that he recommends to finish his pieces.  He also will accept commissions if the item you are looking for is not in his range.