Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Petite Porcelain.............Janice Crawley (Canada)

Miniaturist Janice Crawley is an IGMA Fellow who works in porcelain.  Her range of whimsical miniatures is extensive.
Janice has an extensive array of her work available when you encounter her at a local show.   She makes tiny dolls, plates, vases, toby mugs, cookie jars and has a wonderful range of teapots. 
Janice does not have a website.  She exhibits at fairs in Canada as well as at the London Dollhouse Festival on occasion.

Rabbit Teapot

Ship Teapot

Cottage Teapot

Henry VIII Toby Mug

Sherlock Holmes Toby Mug

Friday, 28 March 2014

Farm Fresh........Autumn Leaf Studio (USA)

I have titles this post Farm Fresh because of one of Jan's categories on her website.  Jan Patrie is the artisan behind Autumn Leaf Studios.  She has attained the status of Fellow with the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.  Her range of miniature food is extensive and she makes food in many categories from fruits and vegetables, to beverages and  baked goods.
Jan exhibits at a number of shows in the USA and her schedule is on her website.  Her work is showcased on her site for anyone that is interested in seeing more of her work.  I have a few items to show you here - one of my personal favourites is her fruit salad bowl.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Involved Implements.........Danny Shotton (UK)

Danny Shotton's  miniature tools made of metal and wood are suitable for any number of settings.   From the garden, the tool shed to a kitchen miniature scene, he has an extensive range to tempt most miniaturists.
Danny's work was highlighted on Catherine's blog recently at dated March 9th, 2014.   She has a wonderful array of examples of his work shown in her photo.  I have highlighted some of the same as well as a few different pieces all made by Danny.  One of my favourite pieces of his happens to be his thread spool holder with removable spools.  I also use his garden tools and his garden shears with my miniature French and English flower filled trugs which I feel enhance the piece significantly.
Danny does not have a website.  He does exhibit at the larger fairs in the UK regularly.
Thread Spool Holder

Carving Set

Pastry Cutter


Magnifying Glass

Pastry Brush

Can Opener

Honey Dipper

Cork Screw


Ink Pot And Pen

Ink Blotter

Stamp Pad And Stamp

Garden Tools

Garden Shears